UVM 1.2 Proceeds to IEEE Standardization

Frequently Asked Questions

When will UVM become an IEEE standard?

The P1800.2 working group will begin meeting in the second half of 2015. From that point, progress on the standard development will determine the completion date.

What is happening in the Accellera UVM working group?

The Accellera working group is continuing to meet on a weekly basis. It is working on errata identified during the beta review period that concluded in October 2014 and other inputs provided by member companies. It has also identified a number of non-user APIs which do not need to be part of the IEEE contribution and is working on reducing the overall set of APIs need for IEEE. This effort will lead to strong contribution to the P1800.2 working group when it begins to meet later this year.

What is the scope of IEEE 1800.2?

This standard establishes the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that define a base class library (BCL) definition used to develop modular, scalable, and reusable components for functional verification environments. The APIs and BCL are currently based on the IEEE 1800 SystemVerilog standard.

Can I continue to use current UVM release in my project?

Yes, you should continue to use the currently released Accellera Systems Initiative UVM 1.2 in your project. Please also check with your tool supplier on the supported version.

If I am starting a new project, what version should I use?

The user should start with the Accellera Systems Initiative UVM 1.2 release.

Will the enhancements made by IEEE 1800.2 be backward compatible with the current Accellera standard?

IEEE 1800.2 will consider all suggestions made by the committee. We expect the committee to ensure that any backward incompatibility issues are well researched to ensure that is indeed a necessity for the advancement of the standard. In such cases the committee plans to provide help to users to make the migration to the new version.

How do I participate in the IEEE UVM working group? Can I be an observer of the IEEE UVM working group?

In order to fully participate (taking part in discussions, making motions, voting, etc.) in the P1800.2 Working Group, your organization must be an Advanced Member of the IEEE Standards Association. Employees/representatives of Basic Members of the IEEE Standards Association may join as Working Group observers only. There is no ability to join this Working Group through an individual IEEE membership. Information on becoming an Advanced or Basic member of the Standards Association may be found at http://standards.ieee.org/membership.