Tutorial: Portable Stimulus: What's Coming in 1.1 and What it Means For You

Portable StimulusPresented at DVCon U.S. 2020 on March 2, 2020

With the release of the Portable Test and Stimulus Standard (PSS) 1.0 in June 2018 (with 1.0a following in January 2019), users have begun to take advantage of this exciting new technology to create abstract models of verification intent that can be used to generate target-specific implementations on a variety of platforms, including simulation, emulation, and virtual and FPGA prototypes. Since that time, the Accellera Portable Stimulus Working Group (PSWG) has continued to work on adding additional requirements to the standard to expand the modeling capabilities and to maximize the reusability of portable stimulus descriptions.

This technical tutorial, presented by several contributing members of the PSWG, provides viewers with an overview of the proposed PSS 1.1 standard. It reviews the basic modeling constructs, use model, and test realization specifications in a PSS verification intent model, and it shows the enhanced capabilities being implemented for 1.1.

The tutorial is split into five sections:

  • Part 1: Introduction
    Tom Fitzpatrick, Mentor, A Siemens Business

  • Part 2: Memory Allocation
    Prabhat Gupta, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

  • Part 3: Higher-Level Scenarios
    Matan Vax, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

  • Part 4: HSI Realization
    Karthick Gururaj, Vayavya Labs Pvt., Ltd.

  • Part 5: System-Level Usage
    Hillel Miller, Synopsys, Inc.

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